Get Out of The Ghetto – Pep Talk (Full Article)

‘Get Out of The Ghetto’

Pep Talk from Lonnie Lee Bailey



Listen 2 Lonnie give a pep talk about the ghetto from his own experiences living in it as a child, as well as working with residents in such areas, Lonnie explains what you should be doing if you’re an aspiring multimillionaire wanting to get out of the ghetto and get the most out of life.

You’re going to get out of the ghetto…

One of these days soon, you’ll come to a realization; where you’re at in life right now isn’t for you, you’re an aspiring multi millionaire; someone else put you in the ghetto until you were able to fend for yourself in the world; until you learned how to play ball, to be business minded and career oriented.  When will you make that life changing decision to make a name for yourself and be a bigger contribution to society?

Main Points

  1. Define “The Ghetto”

  2. “How does it work? “

  3. “Ghetto is a mindset”

  4. “Being Ratchet is not a good thing”

  5. “The Grass is Greener on the Other Side”

  6. “How Am I Going to Get Out of The Ghetto?”

  7. “Getting Started”

Define ‘The Ghetto”

A part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups” (source: wikipedia)

  1. a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure
  2. an isolated group; a situation that resembles a ghetto especially in conferring inferior status or limiting opportunity.
    (source: merriam-webster dictionary)

“How does it work?” 

Normally, someone is in a program like section 8, where they’re only allowed to make a certain amount of money a month on top of the benefits they’re given.  They’re housed on properties managed by local government and staff responsible for inspecting the units every so often. Sounds more like jail and that only the basics; no need to elaborate on that.


The mainstream media also shows us that the ghetto is nothing to “flex” about, as it looks to be infected with everything including drug attics, neglected children, depression; people dying and the list goes on.  Some never leave and that’s a choice they make, the ghetto is home to millions of Americans and in other countries, ghetto’s are called provinces, barrios and burrous.  


As for others; Living in one of these areas is not suitable for someone that wants the most out of life.  So if you’re an aspiring multi millionaire in the ghetto right now then regardless of how you got there or who you’d be leaving behind, it’s time to get out now; while you still have a chance!

“Ghetto is a mindset”

While the world operates efficiently with mannerisms and systems, solving society’s most pressing issues and producing goods we all enjoy;  being ghetto is most known for things like over consumption, crime and drug abuse. Along with this kind of activity, comes a mentality and behaviors rather off putting to the upper social classes and that limits your chances of making necessary connections.

“Being Ratchet is not a good thing”

As fun as some people try and make it seem, being ratchet is not a good look for an aspiring millionaire (unless your about that life); Someone that’s successful is expected to carry themselves a certain way, with honor and prestige and if you’re ratchet, you might struggle with credibility.

“The Grass is Greener on the other side”

What this means, is that the world is a beautiful place to be but their different sides to it.  On one side you can live by things like financial assistance, assisted housing and welfare; which is appropriate for self sufficient simple living if you’re someone with a lot of medical concerns, or if you’re disabilied.  Those things are not meant to build a family or raise children with; it should only be a stepping stone if you’re someone on these government benefits but aspiring to become a successful millionaire.  

“How Am I Going to Get Out of The Ghetto?”

Depending on your current situation, you’ve just started the process by reading/listening/watching this pep talk.  You have talents and unique abilities to share with the world, and can learn new skills that will help you compete in whatever it is that you do.   If you’re ready to commit to changing your life, please follow the instructions outlined below.

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