Get Out of The Ghetto – Pep Talk (Full Article)


‘Get Out of The Ghetto’

Pep Talk from Lonnie Lee Bailey



Listen 2 Lonnie give a pep talk about the “ghetto” from his own experiences as a child, as well as the work he has done with residents in such areas. Lonnie explains what can be done if you’re an aspiring multimillionaire ready to get out of the “ghetto” and make the most of your life.

You ARE going to get out of the ghetto!

One day soon, you’ll come to a realization that where you’re at in life right now isn’t for you. You’re an aspiring multi millionaire. You were born into a system designed in such a way that so oppressively limits a certain class of society. You must learn to be business minded and career oriented.  When will you make that life changing decision to make a name for yourself? Can you be a bigger contribution to society? Or will you stay stuck in the same “hood” you’ve always known?

Main Points

  1. “Define the ‘Ghetto’”

  2. “How ‘Ghetto’ Came to Be“

  3. “‘Hood’ is a mindset”

  4. “Being Ratchet is Not a Good Thing”

  5. “The Grass is Greener on the Other Side”

  6. “What I Am Going to Do to Get Out of the Ghetto”

  7. “Getting Started”

“‘Ghetto’ Defined”

Ghetto: (noun) a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.

  • HISTORICAL the Jewish quarter in a city
  • An isolated or segregated group or area

(verb) put in or restrict to an isolated or segregated area or group

Source: Oxford Dictionary

“How ‘Ghetto’ Came to Be”

The “ghetto” is a word that has an untraceable origin, commonly used with groups subject to forced segregation that was very limiting.  By the late 19th century, Hitler redefined the idea of forced segregation into ghettos as they began to appear more throughout europe. At the end of WW2 that kind of segregation was basically re-branded again through litigation and other administrative powers. 


Currently in the 21 century, the ghetto is glorified in such a way that continues to keep generations of targeted groups bound to the “hoods” in which their families before them grew up in.  In order to raise yourself out of these situations, you must go above and beyond what has been designed to limit you.  


“How Does it Work?” 

When someone is in a program like section 8, they’re only allowed to make a certain amount of money each month in addition to the benefits they  receive. They’re housed on properties managed by local government and staff responsible for inspecting the units every so often. Sounds more like jail in my opinion, and that’s without beginning to elaborate. 


The mainstream media also shows us that the “ghetto” is nothing to brag about. It is portrayed as a place infected with everything including drug addiction and melancholic behaviors like neglect/abuse of children, family members and themselves, depression, violence, people dying and the list goes on.  Unfortunately, many people do not ever leave these “hoods” as a result of the restrictive and “need-to-know-basis” nature of the system in place. Whether a “ghetto”, “hood”, “province”, “barrio”, “project”, “district”, or “slum”, millions of people around the world call these places home.  


These areas are not suitable, to those who are aspiring to be a multi-millionaire, for long term residence . If you are in a “ghetto” right now, regardless of how you got there or who you’d be leaving behind, it’s time to get out, while you still have a chance.

“‘Hood’ is a mindset”

The world operates efficiently with mannerisms and systems;these systems solve society’s most pressing issues and produce commodities we all enjoy. Being “host” is most known for things like under consumption, overproduction, crime and drug abuse. This kind of activity comes as a result of certain mentality and behaviors, which are rather off putting to the upper social class. This limits your chances of making necessary connections because these behaviors are below the society’s acceptable standard of conduct.

“Being Ratchet is NOT a good thing”

As fun as some people try and make it seem, being “ratchet” is not a good look for an aspiring multi-millionaire (unless you’re Cardi B). Someone that’s successful is expected to carry themselves above society’s standard of conduct; with honor and prestige. If you’re “ratchet”, you will struggle with credibility.

“The Grass is Greener on the Other Side”

What this means, is that the world is a beautiful place to be but there are different sides to it.  On one side you can live by things like financial assistance, assisted housing and welfare. This is appropriate for self sufficient simple living, if you’re someone with a lot of medical concerns, or if you’re disabled.  Those things are not meant to build a family or raise children with, rather should be used as a stepping stone if you’re aspiring to become a successful multi-millionaire under stressful circumstances.  

“I Am Going to Get Out of The Ghetto!”

Depending on your current situation, you’ve just started the process by reading/listening/watching this pep talk.  You have talents and unique abilities to share with the world, and can learn new skills that will help you compete in whatever it is that you do.   If you’re ready to commit to changing your life, please follow the instructions outlined below.


If you’re ready to begin taking charge of your financial freedom and of growing your self wealth, follow the instructions outlined below to get started.



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