Why You’re Not Rich Yet – Pep Talk (Full Article)

Why You’re Not Rich Yet’

Pep Talk from Lonnie Lee Bailey
Revised 08/29/2019


Listen to Lonnie explain his conclusion as to the top reasons why you’re not rich, yet.

Lonnie gives honest advice with integrity and accountability to help you secure your financial freedom.

This may be why you are not rich…yet.

If indeed you are doing well for yourself, then this article in particular wasn’t meant for you. However, you still can get something out of this. So continue on as you were and keep reading.

Main Points

  1. “Are You Ready To Be Rich Yet?”

  2. “Do You Think Money Is The Root of All Evil?”

  3. “Are You Willing To Do What It Takes?”

  4. “You May Have Been Taught Incorrectly”

  5. “Do You Consume More Than You Create?”

  6. “What’s Real From What’s Fake”

  7. “Do You Really Want To?”


“Are You Ready To Be Rich Yet?”

If you aren’t “rich”, it may be because you haven’t come into your own just yet.You may not be applying your natural gifts appropriately. You may not have addressed your areas of opportunity or you may not be embracing the hardships you’ve suffered over the years.  It sounds a bit harsh, but it’s the honest truth for so many aspiring multi-millionaires.

“Do You Think Money Is The Root of All Evil?”

It’s common to think bad things about money, from the bad examples that are set in the media and from our peers or those we look up to.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean your experience with money will be similar. ‘Having Money’, being rich, or whatever you want to call it, is much more than you think, which is probably another reason you may think badly of money.

“Are You Willing To Do What it Takes?”

All too often, people are very guarded, trying to protect themselves from something that’s never happened to them.  If you’re a weary person who is suspicious of everything, odds are you won’t do well in a corporate scenario.


You aren’t rich yet because you haven’t learned to tell the million dollar story everyone has inside them. Learn to market yourself; don’t wait for the opportunity to present itself, create it.  You might argue that you already do these things but the truth is, no, you don’t. If you had done these things, you would not continue to be in the situation you are trying to find your way out of. 


How would I know without personally knowing you? Because everything in this world is a pattern, we’re all in a system made up of systems designed to facilitate a specific outcome.  Once you realize that, everything else starts to make sense. (keep reading)

“You May Have Been Taught Incorrectly”

You’re not rich yet because you were born into a system that was made difficult to understand and navigate. Therefore, you fade into the background with the rest of everyone, only ever aspiring to break the mold and become entrepreneurs.

“Do You Consume More Than You Produce?”

Needless to say, whether you are doing much of this or that, it is still a fact that if you spend all your time consuming, then you have no time left to produce. 


There’s a long road ahead of you and you’re running out of time.  You’re not rich yet and you won’t be until you start innovating. When you start adapting yourself to align with the collective and change with the world, then you will begin to reach your true potential. 

“It’s Hard To Tell Anymore, What’s Real From What’s Fake”

With all the emerging innovations in the world, it’s safe to say the lines have been blurred. Everyone claims to be an expert in something. Thousands of false prophets take to YouTube to spread their messages on things like “financial freedom” and their “secrets to success”. It’s tough to tell just how successful they really are.

“Do You Really Want To?”

If you’d like to prove to yourself, and to everyone around you, that you really do want to be successful, i would like to work with you in the of building your brand and growing your self wealth.  However, must be dedicated and determined enough to conquer the challenges that await you.


If you’re ready to begin taking charge of your financial freedom and of growing your self wealth, follow the instructions outlined below to get started.



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